jdef, do not feel aprehensive about the developer. Specially in a kit form it should come with instructions and it is just like any other developer. We all start with our first negative, if you mess up a few....so what?
If you settle on tray development, be sure to wear gloves if you are using pyro, a box of latex gloves (without powder) should run you about 10 bucks and last you a lifetime. Although pyro is not the poison some people make it out to be, careful handling is always good. Again if I were you I would try developing using a more common developer, say HC110 dilution B, but instead of a 1:15 use it at 1:30 with more developing time. Anyway, once you feel comfortable doing your developing then move to pyro. HC110 should give you good enough negatives to print on Azo or POP if you develop them a little more contrasty than what you are used to for enlarging.
If you plan to use your multigrade paper, get a 15 or 7 watt bulb and you can also do this in your bathroom.

I look forward to your first posted contact print...