You might want to check out the Minolta 35 Model II.

They are tough little RF's that use the LTM and you can usually pick them up with the very desirable Rokkor 45mm lens on them.

One of the advantages of this all manual camera is that the film door is a "modern" design, hinged with a pressure plate.

Another is that it is very affordable - usually under $100 on ebay - and affordable to have CLA'ed or totally rebuilt. I purchased a nice one for $140 and spent another $90 to have it brought back to LN condition. My RF repairman says they are the best built of the non-Leica LTM's.

Great camera that I really enjoy shooting. Not much for collecting - not worth much and there's plenty of them out there if you take your time and look around - but great pieces of machinery that will last at least another lifetime if treated properly.

Good luck and let us know what you decide.

Jeff M