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The city of L.A. darkroom at the Frida Kahlo theater was a great place before i had my darkroom. It was $5/hour with a $25/year membership. Ray, the guy that ran the place was very cool and helpful. I don't know if they're still open, the link doesn't work and i can't find Ray's number. I had a friend sign up for a b+w class at the community college and it was only $9! He said it was great for the darkroom time. Sorry i can't share mine, there wouldn't be room for two of us in there!
The darkroom is still there and it's actually been improved...Ray was a great guy, but he couldn't organize anything to save his life. The place is now run by a guy named Rico, who has really cleaned everything up and made things much smoother and easier for the users. The # there now is 213-639-1572, which people should really use as reservations are now mandatory there.

BTW, the proper link to the place is www.fridakahlotheater.org.