Hello, everybody.

My name's Alex. I've been living in San Francisco for the past few years. I am one of the people who used to shoot (develop and print) film a long long time ago (in a galaxy far far away, if you can call the Soviet Union that) with my dad. The digital revolution got me back into photography right around 2001, and lately, I've been shifting more and more back to my roots. I shoot both 35 mm (Olympus OM2 and a Canon A2E) and Medium format (Bronica ETRS and a Fuji 645Zi). For the most part, I use HP5+ and develop in Rodinal. I love the gritty look I get with that combination.

You can see some of my work @ www.memoryofadream.com, a photoblog I just started and plan to update once every few days. At the time of this post, the picture on the front page is taken w/ my digital canon. The other two are both film.

That's about it. Don't be strangers :-)