You have to define your terms.

The machine shown is a continuous loop device which can be adapted to make coatings with as many layers as you wish just by allowing the loop to continue and by changing the chemistry being delivered. In real production, multiple heads are used or a multi slide hopper is used, and the machine is point to point. Each design has benefits and faults depending on scale, and costs would vary from about $20,000 - $1.0 M depending on how much you do yourself and how much has to be purchased.

It would occupy the average of a 2 car garage or 20x20 feet and about 10 - 20 feet in height without air conditioners. This assumes production width of 5" for 4x5 film max, and goes up proportionate to format of film or paper.

Designed coating speed could be from 10 ft/min - 100 ft/min based on home or amateur consumption but would have to be faster for larger production.

The operation would have to be near clean room in aspect and would need a cleanup between making film and paper due to the accumulation of paper fibres. Kodak had 2 facilities - one for film and one for paper in order to prevent or minimize this cleanup problem.

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