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Northwest uses Detroit Metro (DTW) as a hub airport. From their you are a 3.5 to 4 hour car ride to Bill's (I've not been, but I know the area). It might be advisable to have worked out transportation once you arrive. Maybe we can get locals who are coming to provide transit to Bill's. Under no condition should you rely upon bus service.

I would think he should transfer to a commuter airline at Detroit and fly up to Pelston, Michigan. He could rent a car there and be, ten miles from Bill’s place, or 20 miles or so from Harbor Springs. I would not recommend the drive from Detroit to Harbor Springs as it is mostly four lane highway and not representative of the beauty of Michigan off the highways.

My parents had a cottage on Burt Lake to the east of Harbor Sprngs in the 1950s as did Bill’s parents. We came up 400 miles from Akron, Ohio. The highway is just a fast method to get up north through the center of the state to then enjoy the beautiful scenery on the coast area.

John Powers