Ok, now that I have been playing with this Agfa for a couple of weeks....I am hooked. I leave my EOS3 at home now and walk around with the Agfa and my light meter.

I was trying to understand the difference between the R2a and R3a of the Bessa's. "Bessa R2-A has a x 0.7 magnification ratio and the Bessa R3-A has x 1.0 ratio" -- Why would I want the .7 mag over teh 1.0 mag?

Actually, I am trying to understand RF's....How slow can you hand hold a RF? I mean with SLR's the rule of thumb is not set the shutter slower than your focal length.

Although, with RF's it seems you can shoot much slower due to lack of a mirror and also since the lens is closer to the film plane, my 2.8 is much brighter than a 50mm 2.8 on an SLR..

Correct? Sorry for the noob question, but I gotta start somewhere....