Yep, I tried out both of the micros . . . bought tiny #0 x 1/4" screws for the Panoram front plate and #2 x 56 pan head bolts for my Packard shutters from Micro Fasteners, and shutter cloth from Micro-Tools. I still haven't checked out MSC yet, but since I recently scarfed up an 18" tall mini milling machine, I want to check them out to see what sort of end mills, fly cutters, etc. I can get from them.

Anyhoo, I'm planning on trying my hand at replacing the bellows, using that velvet pigskin in front with a piece of the shutter cloth behind it to see how that works. That combination couldn't be any stiffer that the original felt/leather combo which was actually thicker and less flexible than the velvet pigskin.