Good Morning, Greg,

I'd go for a liquid concentrate such as HC-110 or T-Max. Do the dilution immediately before each batch instead of mixing the concentrate into a stock solution as suggested by Kodak. The amounts of concentrate will usually be no more than a couple of ounces (probably less with HC-110) unless you process many rolls in each batch, so get a small graduate which can easily measure fractional-ounce amounts.
There's nothing wrong with powder developers such as D-76, but they have to be mixed and stored. Forget stop bath; just use water.

Use a Rapid Fix (I like Kodak's for film, Ilford's for printing.) just because it's quicker. Don't forget Hypo-clear such as Perma-wash to save both time and water. Finally, use Photo-Flo. Use a much, much, much more dilute solution than suggested on the bottle. (A couple of drops in enough water to cover a 35mm reel should be enough.) One small bottle should last you for years.