Hiya Greg.
I'd reccomend that you use a longer life developer such as Kodak HC110 or Ilford DDx or AGFA Rodinal (each of them is different)
Which developer did you use in class?

As per stop and fixer, doesn't make much difference. I'm partial to liquid fixer concentrates and I'm using the Record brand (generic) lately with good results.

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What follows might be a loaded question. Sorry.

I developed my first roll last week in class. I want to start doing this at home. I live in an area with only 1 camera shop and it takes my 2 weeks to get back BW 120 roll film. That is unacceptable. Down the road, I will have a darkroom. For now, I have a dark closet. Good enough for loading.

I'd like suggestions as to what chemicals to purchase for my home exploits. I will be shooting 35mm and 120, using Tmax 400, Ilford Delta 100, and Tmax 100. I would love to hear suggestions even as to specific brands of stop bath, fixer, etc., as well as developer.