There is always the chance to damage something. It has not proven to be a problem for me. I would advise not reusing the cassette to the extent that the top or bottom lid could pop off for you.

As far as equipment is concerned very little is required if your film loading area is sufficiently dark...obviously the reqirements are much more stringent with Delta 3200 than it would be Pan F+.

I do NOT use a bulk loader. I start by cutting strips of tape for attaching the film to the spool. I am sitting at a clean table while doing this. I attach my pieces of tape on one end to the film spool. I have a scissors, spools, cassettes cases and tops and bottoms where they are easily found in the dark. I attach the bottom lid to the cassette(s). The spools are arranged so that when they are picked up in the dark the bottom of tghe spool is on the bottom. I have the same orientation for the cassette case with bottom lid attached. Now all i have to be able to find in the dark is my spool(s), cassette case(s), top lid(s), film canister and scissors. Everytghing to this point is done with the lights on.

I turn the lights out. I open the film canister. I take the film bag with the film from the canister. I have the bag at my RIGHT hand with the film end that is loose pointing to the LEFT. The film REMAINS in the bag...this helps to prevent dust from getting on your film stock. I pull the end of the film stock from the bag and attach it to to film spool in my left hand. I turn the spool to the left until it is full. I cut the film from the film stock spool a couple of inches away from mu cassette spool. I pick up my cassette case with the RIGHT hand with the lid on th BOTTOM. I insert
the spool of film with the BOTTOM of the spool being downward into the cassette. I locate a cassette lid and install it on the top. I BE ALL DONE. GEEZ THAT WAS EASY. I continue doing this un til I have loaded as many cassettes as I wish to load. I close the film bag. I put it back into the canister. I close the canister.

Now comes the fun part.

There is a lot of money that can be saved with bulk loading if you can buy the bulk film at a good price. You can also load very short spools of film for, as an example, testing.

So, Graham you better get crackering.