In the last months I have noticed a degraded quality in the prints from negatives. I notice that very well if I compare pictures printed 3-4 years ago with pictures printed in the last months.

I have a theory: now the prinitng process is not any more a projections of the negatives, it is an electronic scanning of the negatives and then a digital print. In order to save time, maybe they reduce the definition, the contrast, the deep of colours, etc. And worst of all, maybe they use some software to clarify the faces, the shades, etc.

I ask to all the competent people in this forum to confirm or deny my suspicion. If my suspect is right, then there may be some laboratories that are still using the old process. If not, the only way will be to use slides......

What do you all think?

I am not talking about B&W, darkroom, etc.
I am talking about plain commercial printing of Kodak Gold 100, 200 or 400 ISO.

So the question is: are there labs that still print from the negatives?