Yes, round 15 has begun. Mike Wilde's was the first card to arrive. Great picture, great print. Great to see what can still be done with older paper. I like it a lot! A very good start of this round.

One more thing, a simple copy and paste from an earlier round: if you have some cards to spare and want to thank some (one, two or three) of the people who make this all possible, here's three suggestions:

P.O. Box 478
Hibiscus Coast
New Zealand

Simon Galley
HARMAN technology Limited,
Town Lane,
WA16 7JL

(Ask Simon why there's only 5 lines for addressing on the Ilford Postcard paper, when his address takes 8... ) <-- sorry, couldn't resist...

Mary Jane Hellyar
President Film Products Group
Eastman Kodak Company
343 State Street
Rochester, New York 14650

Remember, only if you want to; you will not be getting a postcard in return, but it's a nice gesture.