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Will has an excellent point which bears repeating - geting absorbed in building your own camera takes away from the time that can be spent photographing. I was warned of this too by an eminent photographer when I was contemplating building my own. I'm glad I took the advice.
Will and Alex, Yes. I can certainly attest to the truth of your advice. In fact, I'm pretty sure I knew in my gut that it would be much more economical to buy than to build. Would that I had trusted my instincts.

Hmmm, actually, I think we're forgeting the "wife factor". Consider:

1. "Honey, I'd like to buy (yet another) camera."

2. "Honey, I'm gonna build a camera out of wood!"

You see, my wife / accountant only considers the real dollar cost. Compare the cost of a few sticks of lumber, glue, sandpaper, wood finishing materials and some "small bits of hardware" to that of (yet another) camera. True enough, the dirty little secret is that I'm really making a big pile of saw dust and I may get a camera out of the deal but, I'm not ready to throw in the towel just yet. I've got a back and rear box roughed out. Still have a long ways to go...I look forward to drawing on the experience of this group along the way.

Thank you very much for your help and advice.