Okay, here is the latest update:-

After speaking to my sister yesterday who lives in Marazion, her neighbor has a a cottage that they rent out for cash. My sister thought there was room for about 8 to 10 people, so she will be getting us some information on this and I will let you know the details. There has also been several offers from UK based and Irish APUG'ers to take side trips. While I appreciate the offers, and they no doubt have some merit, I think it will add too many logisitics nightmares that we need to avoid especially as we only have 5 to 6 days to shoot with a day either side for travel to and from London's airports. Also, rather than traveling around living out of a suitcase from B&B to B&B, that could be problematic with the group size the contingent has grown too. So staying in one place and traveling to local hotspots in Cornwall and places en-route I think is the way to do it. I would also need the UK based folks to organize their own accommodation in Cornwall. I cannot take that on from the US.

One other aspect is that we are likely going to need a deposit for the cottage after I find out more details and air transportation is best booked early. Ike, Thomas and myself will likely be flying Northwest as they have a direct flight to Gatwick. For others, that might not be practical and is where we would really need to sync up on who flying from where and landing where. Going back to the finances, I need to be up front with folks. I am doing the organization only and have no trouble doing that. If we need to send out deposits to secure reservations, I will send out emails asking for that to happen. So that I do not become a bank, when we have to hand over deposits, I will expect everyone to realize that they need to pay on time and they are likely not refundable... Hence the reason to make sure you are committed to the trip. If you bail after deposits are paid, that's okay, but no refunds can be epxected from me and other trip members cannot be expected to bare the brunt either. I hope people understand I am not being a hard @$$, but just laying ground rules and it will level the playing field on who is really interested or not. I understand things happen, and you may have to back out for whatever reason, please understand what the expectations will be. It might behoove you to get travel insurance if that is a problem. Cheap and should cover things like that.

Here is the list so far of interested people:-

From the US:-

Bill Schwab
Ike Eisenlord
Thomas Bertilsson
Daniel Lin
Travis Nunn
Marianne (Mayfair 710)
Peter Schrager

From the UK:-

Bill Spears
Mark Burley
John Bragg
Steve Smith
Neil Souch
Ian Grant
Lucie Averill (My sister potentially)

From Sweden:-

No Mennescio