Well, I've finally managed to put up a quick-and-dirty Web page with some info on this gadget, here.

There are some pics, a screenshot, and some schematics for those who want to make one themselves.

The initial idea of selling this gadget isn't exactly going to hold water: it takes time to build it, and once you're asking money for it, you can't really offer a product that looks like the one pictured on that Web page

Besides, $40-$50 isn't a lot of money for a couple of hours of work (even in a former Communist country....). Add to that the fact that the postage to USA would be something like $20-$25, and the idea doesn't look too bright any more, given that similar DIY gadgets are sold on eboy for around $45 (with local, US shipping)... It's just too expensive for potential buyers abroad.

So, there's the Web page with more or less all the info I have, and you can make one yourself. If you would REALLY like to purchase a ready-made one, you could contact my friend, the "mad scientist" (who's actually more of a Rube Goldberg type), and see if he's willing to make one for you. Don't expect anything fancy - the appearance of the contraption isn't bound to get much better