I wanted to know how some of you feel when you go about doing street photography. Do you ever feel nervous, or miss out of placed?

I've been wanting to go around my own city to start capturing somethings I've always held interesting, but I feel quite nervous about it being I'm not used to carrying around my film cameras, also I've never been the kind of person whose felt comfortable with shooting portraits either. I always feel awkward, or a pester to the other person.

I guess I feel this way because society makes it seem as if you always have to carry around this huge dSLR to be considered important, or everyone always expects a photographer to have a very expensive Canon, or Nikon of some sort and this makes me feel miss out of placed.

Anyway, this is just my personal views and feelings that I'm hoping I'm able to over come once I get used to street photography, but I wanted to know how some other users here at APUG feel when their out shooting street photography using a film camera.