Boy, I hate to throw a wrench in this, but what the heck. I used to record exposure information with pencil and paper. I have found this info to be generally worthless. At the time of exposure, I note the development required and that's all. I have found it better to develop a technique that is consistant. What worked for me was to photograph the same thing many times. The best thing is getting immediate feedback, either polaroids or going home and printing pictures that you took only hours earlier. Then take that picture back to the same place the next day and do it again.

I would start by only using one film. For me, a viewing filter helped so that I could learn how to judge what zones would fall where and which one I could judge the best for placement. I place zone 4 most of the time. For constrast measurement, I generally do this on feel unless it is extreme.

The times that might be good to record, if you could find them when you need them, are how long to expose moving water to get how much blur. That sort of thing would be helpful and I have done those experiments, but there are so many variables there, too, that I'm not sure it isn't better to take a couple of frames/sheets to get the mood you want.

Just my two bits.