I live in a city. I believe it is worthwhile to shoot what you. It certainly saves time and gasoline. Almost all my photography is done with a Contax RTSIII mounted on a Majestic tripod with a large geared head. I carry a bag with nine lenses. The sum total of all this means that I am lugging the weight equivalent of a large format setup. I make very few photos of strangers and only a minimal number of people that I know. I photograph scenes. Not having any people in the scene makes problems with releases much smaller. I have an idea that one can tell alot obout the people who live or have in an area by what they have constructed and done to the natural enviroment. I do not set foot upon private property without permission.

I am by nature shy. Taking photos and concentrating on my photography means that I am hardly aware of the existence of others when I am so engaged. I am also quite deaf. This has its good side in that if others wish to engage me in conversation I can with honesty tell them that my deafness makes such activity unwise.