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I was in chicago this weekend and I shot some tmax 400.

I exposed it at 400 and when I got home, I developed it in xtol 1+1 at 68 for 8 minutes.

It is super grainy. What happened? Is this normal?

Examples to come soon.

I shoot this combination all the time and love it. Never had any problems with it being "Super Grainy".

I'm not sure what caused it.

Both my 120 & 35mm are developed 1:1 @ 75d for 5:30 in a SuperSidekick (Like Jobo) processor.

I DO NOT "Pre Wet" the film using TMAX 400 @ XTOL. I read on Jobo's web site that you should not do so.

Those who have seen my prints from the exchanges can tell you they exibit virtually no grain.