Dear AGX !!

Definitely I do now that Flexicolor sets the standard, and I love it very much. Developers of other brands tend to give more contrast, this may be well in some situations, but gave me often difficulties during enlarging.

I’ve done all this only to satisfy my curiosity about possibilities and probabilities of ingredients. Further there simply waits some stuff to be used .

You are absolutely right, this is only for this type of film tested, and others may behave different. It’s only a hobby; I don’t have to earn my bread and butter this way.

It’s used at a one way developer till now, just to reduce the variables. Replenishment seems not to make sense in the home darkroom, because of the lack of regular usage / regular “tank turnover” and intensified oxidation during drum processing.
But the developer is not specially designed as one way, it’s not a “thinner one”, so reuse for one run should be OK with slightly prolonged time (~3:25 min.). As usual, use at least 200 - 250 ml for one film (135/36) and at its best at least 500 ml for better Temperature consistency in one run.

That leads to your other question, the prewarm. As mentioned above I measures surprising differences in colour curves when using the prewetting/ wet prewarm. These differences are not stringent visible in a print, but one of the fluctuating influences I would like to skip. So a proper dry prewarm in temperate water / in the Jobo processor for about 20 min. in low volume clip developing conditions (200 ml) is necessary. As the volume of the developer increases it’s stability against temperature loss will increase too. Shorter dry prewarm times should be possible then …

By the way “C-26” is on schedule with three changes :

Minor decrease of sulphite to allow the lower densities so develop a touch more (from 4 to 3.5g).
Minor increase of KBR (1,5 g to 1.7g) and KJ (1.2mg to 1.4 mg) to limits highlights
The amount of CD4 stays at 5.2g , this is quite well working.
Some buffer capacity for easy pH calibration is planned by adding
bicarbonate. Readjust amount of potash for that…

Regards from Germany,