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These cameras are fun. Don't expect them to be professional-quality tools - they aren't. However, they're a blast to use if you're in the mood.

I frankly prefer the Zorki 4 to the 4K. I know that the knob wind is harder to use and slower, but it feels like it belongs on the camera whereas the wind lever doesn't.

The older Zorki 4s are nicer than the newer ones. They have engraved shutter speeds instead of silkscreened (the "Zorki" logi is engraved too) and the camera has appealing vulcanite instead of nylon. Both models work fine, but the earlier models are more pleasing somehow.

Unfortunately, my 4 is a newer one but it works very well at all shutter speeds. (I have a 4K too but I seldom use it.) My Fed 2b and 3a cameras are nicer in some ways because of the engraving and the vulcanite, although the 2b doesn't have the full range of shutter speeds.

Collect the whole set. I have about six of these beasts. They're all fun.
I have a FED-2 as well, with the collapsible FED-50. I would agree that the FED-2 feels a bit nicer ergonomically than the 4k, but the tiny VF/RF is nearly useless. I use it with an external VF, and it's fun to use preset using sunny/16 (it makes me feel kind of like an early HCB . However, the rewind knob is a bit of a knuckle-buster - mine doesn't pull up for some reason (well, not easily, and I'm a bit nervous about giving it a hard pull), so my fingers get banged up when trying to rewind. I'm tempted to bring a pair of pliers to make this easier in the field

That said, the much, much nicer vf/rf on the 4K makes it easier to use and a bit more compact than the FED-2 plus VF.