You might want to look at it as if your just going out to shoot some city landscapes and people may or may not be in them. I've shot every camera from a Minox to a 4x5 on the street and find that no matter what or where I shoot everyone notices me; Probably the red hair. Then again some people can just blend in and you won't hardly notice them at all. I've found it best to always present a cheerful demeanor when approached ( or sneered at) which usually disarms anyone who might have a bad attitude and take no offense at what you might hear, usually from security guards who don't know your rights. All in all it's just part of the trade. Try shooting at events to start with where many people will have cameras and go from there. If your shooting some camera thats older and metal you'll probably have someone approach you and tell you that they use to own one. Great conversations can ensue and ask them to pose. Here's where an online site (could be something like a image hosting site) for a promised image and a card goes a long way to beginning to establish a clientele if your interested. Of course your photography must be good, but thats why you get out and shoot.