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I wanted to know how some of you feel when you go about doing street photography. Do you ever feel nervous, or miss out of placed?

I've been wanting to go around my own city to start capturing somethings I've always held interesting, but I feel quite nervous about it being I'm not used to carrying around my film cameras, also I've never been the kind of person whose felt comfortable with shooting portraits either. I always feel awkward, or a pester to the other person.
Let me suggest a very simple exercise. Start off with a looong focal length, say 200mm or even 300mm. Just find yourself a comfortable bench or cafe table and pick out some interesting scenes from afar. Next go to a 150, then to ~100mm, etc. Work with primes because they force you to use your feet and move strategically through the scene.

I had some students who were petrified to approach people. We did longs and then shorter focal lengths.