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How might I process ECN2 without the chemistry if I don't want to send it out. What color developer does it use? Can ammonia be used to remove the remjet backing?
For Remjet removal, mix 1 teaspoon of Borax or Sodium Sulfite per gallon, then use as presoak at room temp for 1 minute. Rinse using two complete water changes then develop.

I use Kodak Flexicolor C-41 developer at 85 degrees for 3 minutes.

1 liter mix: 900mL water, 75mL part A, 12mL part B, 12mL part C.

Use as One-Shot and will develop 4 rolls of 35mm at once in a Kindermann Tank.

Fill and drain tank several times using tap water close to developer temp, This will remove any leftover traces of remjet and then bleach/fix as with any C-41 film.

After film is hangiing to dry, fold a paper towel 3 times in half, then drag it down the front (non-emulsion) side of the film. This will remove any hints of remjet and your film will dry spot free.