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(BTW, I dig the dollar portraits)
thanks jason. it's early days yet and i don't like my results but i hope to improve over time.


Alisha, i'm less than a year into my photography and i only got into it after shooting street one time. it might not be for everyone but for me it is really rewarding. i can walk around the city streets and not take any frames and come away with something. i get exercise, see things out of this world, meet people and feel a rush with most clicks of the shutter. most recently i've started to approach people for their portraits. 95% say yes. i never imagined that would be the case.

i've subscribed to this thread. i look forward to hearing about your experience on the street. and if you ever feel shy about it just watch this video of Bruce Gilden doing his street thing. granted you won't survive more than an hour doing this outside of NYC but still...