Yes - I kind of have to admit it: I have the gene for collecting.

I just got my 5th Gandolfi, and I am totally in love with it.

I think it is similat to the one Ole has, bu tI am not totally sure.

the latest is a black laquered 5x7 Gandolfi, with a 250mm Heliar and 4 extra front plates.

I've been wanting a camera in this size for some time, as I can enlarge 13x18 cm films, but not 8x10.
And because I'd like to go out more and use the camera in the nature without breaking my neck (not having a car...)

in short, I now have

half plate stereo Gandolfi
Full plate Gandolfi
5x7 Gandolfi traditional
8x10 Gandolfi Traditional
12x16 huge Gandolfi

(I also must admit, that I would like the 4x5 version too...)

maybe a collector wannabe, but a happy one.