mhcfires: Yes, I wrote off Cirkut cameras from my list long time ago because of the price. Not to say they aren't worth it, but they are out of my league. For the same reason, I drive a Dodge when I would prefer a Corniche or Maybach.

One can generally get a nice useable (read: Model 1 which will accept 120 film) Panoram for about $250 - $300. They generally will need some work to get the swing mechanism to operate reliably, and might need to have the bellows replaced or pinholes in it plugged with dots of black plastic rubber or silicone. Of course these repairs are the subject of this thread. You can also have it refurbished by one of the guys that specialize in Panoram repair, as previously mentioned.

Anyhoo, one can almost always find one or more Panorams on the auction block at Flea Bay. Sooner or later the very camera that you like, and a good price, will appear there. Good luck!