Really donít want to bore anybody, but some words to disclose that Ö

Because of the (always again) surprising influence of temperature drop during dry prewarm, versus inertia of bigger volumes I looked up through my negatives to find more comparatives.

Iíve found films developed with Tetenal at 30įC for 8 min. which show a stronger overall colour deviation, that means colour cross over (magenta/green cast in the greyscale). But Iíve been able to enlarge quite good prints from these films, adapting the filtration that way these colour errors are more in the dark aereasÖ

The time Iíve got Flexicolor in my hands, time of experiments began again. I tried different times (actually not too different, in the region of 3:20 till 3:30), dry and wet prewarms, all at my usual 38.4 įC . All data canít be recovered, but consistency increased with bigger volumes, the last 2 years I always took as much as possible developer (~1Ltr/ for 5 or 6 Films).
Worth remarking is that my usual proceedings (Drum processing, Flexicolor at 38.4įC jacket bath temp. for 3:20 min with a wet prewash gave me wonderful negatives. But the overall error is surprisingly higher (!) than with my actual home brews. For the most part this will be the influence of prewetting, (next to exceeding temp). But the error is not visible in, letís say most prints (Iím attempted to say itís not visible at all).

If you want to try ďC-27Ē, decrease temp about 0.5įC for amounts bigger than 250 ml (that is exact the temperature it should have) and maybe better use always the same drum / same number of reels / same amount of developer to get everything in control.

Regards from Germany,