Got the first five cards this week: johnnywalker's cool pic of a beaver in the pond, great shot. Not much wildlife like that around where I live. I also got Mike Wilde's night shot looking over an expressway. Very graphic, all those people moving along. Like that you are working the old materials too, I loved Verichrome, you almost couldn't mess that stuff up. We will miss it.
Today I received Warren Hinder's landscape: trees and their reflection in a river or lake. Beautiful composition and tonality. Works great right side up or upside down. I also got Mark Fisher's shot from his County Fair series. Really nice. I love that type of graphic detail, and you composed it just perfectly. Finally for today I got hal 9000's photogram with the autumnal motif. You got some really beautiful tonality in this one and I love the warm color. Neat to think that you are making a series of unique prints for the exchange, at least I can't think of anyway to make one photogram exactly like another.

Looks like a great round underway. Thank you all!