So, who went and what did you folks score?

Got the battery holder for the sb-15: speaker bloke had a non-working sb-10 for sale, they have the same holder. Talked him down to $15, then took holder off and offered flash back to the guy saying: "that's all I needed, you can resell the rest, it's yours". He picked up the fiver and gave it back to me on the spot. Got the holder for 10 bucks!

Also got a few 43mm filters I needed for b&w with the Voigtlander lenses, a buck each.
And one of those steel reels with the spring clip for kinderman tanks, 5 bucks.

Ah, and one of the Collins books: "film".

Good variety on offer but a lot of rubbish as well. Pays to do a tour first to see what's available, and prices start going down after 12:30.