My brother got married yesterday. The day was great. Things moved along smoothly. Due in great part to my expertise, I might say. No, I am not supergeust. I was the photographer. It fell on me (as it was a small wedding) to pin on the boutineers, announce the bridal party at the reception, tell the first time minister that in future he should insist no flash photography during the ceremony, generally keep things moving and, I'm missing something, um, oh yeah! I was the shutterbug as well.

It was a good day and I must say I nailed it to a T. But it was my baby brother's wedding and I couldn't be just a guest. I do not want to be the family member that everyone turns to and says 'Hey, bring your camera so I don't have to afford someone I'm not related to.' As I said I was happy to do it. But never again. For anyone. I am now officially retired from wedding photography. Now gimme a piece'a damn cake!