I'm buying one of these bags (satchel style bag) without ever having used it due to a great deal on Amazon. I'm debating buying a second as I'm not sure the price will remain as low as it is now: the bags are 80.00 with free shipping on Amazon and sell for 105.00 at b&h with not so free shipping (msrp is 160.00).

I'll fill them with 35mm slr w/2-4 lenses or a mamiya 6 with up to 3 lenses or for lugging extra crap like film holders, lenses etc.. when shooting 4x5. They seem perfect and the price is far less than I was going to be paying at b&h or locally for a crumpler (either the 6 or 7 million dollar home).

Can anyone give me there thoughts on the Domke?