I recently bought a new Horizon 202 and shot my first couple rolls of film with it. When developed, most of the negatives have a dark vertical bar on the right side that begins faintly at about 48mm and darkens progressively unto it ends abruptly at about 52mm.

It, however is rather inconsistent, in that the bar is bold on some negatives, faint on others, and undetectable on others . . . all on the same roll of film shot at within an hour or less, in the same area, and at the same general direction (toward the west) relative to the mid afternoon sun.

I vaguely remember reading something about the older Horizont cameras having a tendency to have a vertical flare bar, and what was the usual source of the light leak, but I don't remember much about it and have not been able to find anything with the search function.


EuGene Smith