(Can an acronym be used within another acronym in good taste?)

Hello and thank you all for your shared knowledge, photos, and inspiration!

London, Ontario, Canada is my home town where I'm just restarting my photography pursuits after several years of being a painter. I experimented with photography back in highschool quite a bit (all 35mm, all black-and-white) where I spent a good year and a half in the darkroom, using up all the publicly-funded resources I could get my hands on.

Now 25 years-of-age I'm trying to get my hands on my own equipment and am learning everything from scratch once again.

I recently purchased my first enlarger:

...and picked up a Mamiya C330 tlr from the Toronto camera show a few weeks back. I'm definitely about jumping in all-at-once but I'll certainly be doing a lot of reading (and possibly writing) on this forum over the next few months.

I currently don't have the space to get my darkroom up and running so I'm focussing on shooting and processing film...I'll start printing once I move in (hopefully) a few months from now. I'll be getting into colour film developing and printing for the first time so...yeah, looking forward to that.

So, thanks again to all who contribute to this oceanic pool of knowledge, your work makes my work so much easier, and I'll certainly pass along the know-how to others down the line.

Until later...