Being rather more realistic I remembered coming across someone who had his old lens coated (he may have done it himself) at an opticians lab, using the coating process used for spectacles (glasses).

Has anyone tried this. A lens like the Eurynar would be ideal as the elements aren't cemented, and they suffer badly from low contrast due to this.

Is there a tame optical technician on APUG ?


I had an old 135mm coated at a 1 hour lab 5 or 6 years ago, I had an antiglare and UV coating applied, cost $45, but only the front element was coated, on both sides, I think they dipped the lens, newer method uses a vacume chamber. It seems to work well enough, impoved contast. The Shop I used HandiLab here in Phoenix has gone under, I have an old 210mm lens that needs to recoated, but the last shop I asked said that they can only coat plastic lens, the manger said he would coat it at my risk. I havent had time to follow up.