I have attended several meetings of a couple clubs and recently attended a few meetings of more a group of photography friends that actually have Apug presence. It seems to me that most people either go looking for inspiration or looking for entertainment. A few go looking to learn about photography. I am one that goes for inspiration/creative conversation/input/feeback, and haven't found it. I have found that no one has a strong opinion about anything to have a conversation about. And I have found that people don't want to say anything but blase nice things about all the work. Also I have found that no one really cares about looking at or considering other work or ideas, they just want to hurry up and get to showing their own work and get slapped on the back for it. When I talk to other members of the groups I find that they feel the same way as I do but no one knows how to make it different. What keeps groups together is an interesting meeting place and friends and good beer. At least in my corner.