Clubs are primarily social events that bring together people with similar interests. There's nothing inherently wrong with clubs, but one must not have expectations that are too high.

Photography clubs can be a great place for learning. However, one must understand that photography clubs tend to be trendy. Currently, the trend is toward digital, so that's where the emphasis is going to be in most clubs. If you want to learn digital stuff, clubs provide a great learning opportunity. But if you want to learn traditional or alternative analog techniques, either you need to find a club that specializes in those fields (they do exist - but they are about as scarce as unicorns), or else you need to look for something other than a club.

Another thing about clubs is that they tend to reinforce success. Photography clubs often involve competition - there's nothing wrong with that. Competition is a way to make learning more interesting. But understand that what the club is ultimately going to teach is whatever is needed to be successful in those competitions. If your personal vision differs from the mainstream, you probably won't be successful in club competition, and you will probably not learn very much of what you need to know to satisfy your own personal vision requirements.