I've belonged to the local photo club for 10 years, on the executive for 8. I've pulled back from my involvement this year, partly because of family issues and crises, and partly because of the relentlessly digital concentration. When I first joined the club I was new in town and in a rut with photography - shooting the same stuff in the same style over and over. The club was a big inspiration to me, got me out of that rut and trying new things. Digital was just starting to make occaisional appearances at meetings. It was also a fairly small club - it was possible to know everyone, their photographic interests, and something about their personal life.
The club now has well over 100 members. Many of them folks who are looking for info on how to use the expensive digital cameras they have bought, and the computer programs that back them up. I hear the monthly "Photoshop Night" last year was very popular. (I never went.)
I'm still a member and go to meetings sporadically. This weeks was worth it - Sharon Milstein with a lovely slide presentation.

I make the occaisional presentation talking about what I'm doing hoping someone will get inspired to put a roll of film into their old camera. A sub-group of film users is forming. I no longer look to the club for inspiration, but I've got APUG for that.

I'll stay a sometime member this year. Who knows what the future will bring?