Hi everyone and thankyou all for your friendly welcome!

Keeds, Cate, Mark Antony & Snallan -it's good to meet some 'locals'. I live in Sudbury now and am quite settled here - it's a very nice town and I'm right on the edge of the countryside. (Lots of good walks around here.)

AutumnJazz & mooseontheloose - yes, there's nothing quite like striding into the undergrowth to take pictures of plants. (That's how I'd describe my garden at the moment - everything's been growing like mad but I've been too busy photographing the flowers to do anything about it!)

Bob F - I know what you mean - I've been thinking how good it would be to contact-print cyanotypes etc. from 10x8....my husband will be getting very worried!

It's great to 'meet' you all here and hopefully it'll eventually be in person, if I can get to one of these APUG get-togethers. Until then I shall enjoy our virtual gatherings!