I am not sure if I have ever posted before..and really I only just recently noticed this plate camera section, which was nice to find seeing how I have a few myself. So I hope you dont mind my adding to your converstaion.
Its a lovely camera Ian .

I am sure you also know they were also made with Red, Blue, Grey and Brown leather as well although not at all common in those colours. I do believe the 9x12 were sold with a wide variety of lens shutter combinations Helioplan, Unofocal, Trioplan, Triotar, Isconar, Xenar and the Tessar's you mentioned..and i am sure a few more other basic lens also. also they were sold with Vario, Isbor, the compur's you mention as well as the compur rapid apparently (no doubt in the late years, although i havnt noticed one).