I used to belong to the local club but did not like the arbritary way the president ran the club so resigned my executive position. Received a pile of emails blasting me for not embracing digital and that digital was the future and that all photography was digital as negatives had to be scanned in order to be printed. The club had a darkroom by the way and I was one of the few using it. I never stated my reason for leaving the executive but after the barrage of anti film statements from him I just let my membership lapse. Clubs can be good or bad depending on its members and who is dominant.
He had arbitray changed part of the program I was in charge of and instead of criticing prints there was a contest of projected images. The club could have had both but as I said arbritary decisions made by one person. There were some nice people there and some even though they were 100% digital thought that film was neat and wanted to learn more but believe that ended when I left. To this day he still tells everyone that I left becuause the club had gone digital (at the time 80% of my shots were digital) and not for the reasons I told him.
Years ago I learnt a lot for a club in another city. Diferent time, different place and different people.