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I am not sure if I have ever posted before..and really I only just recently noticed this plate camera section, which was nice to find seeing how I have a few myself. So I hope you dont mind my adding to your converstaion.
Its a lovely camera Ian .
It's actually your first post, so welcome to APUG.

Yes there were a wide variety of similar 9x12 cameras, some sharing common parts, made mostly in Germany, and it was common for manufacturers to offer models with a variety of lenses & shutters. The best shutters were the Compur's and the less common Ibsor which is self cocking and very similar to the later Press Prontors.

One problem today is that a few 9x12's have had the lens & shutter replaced, so for instance you can find a Zeiss Ikon with a Rodenstock Eurynar lens, Zeiss never fitted competitors lenses to their cameras.

However the Etui's are quite unique due to their size & design, maybe I'll buy a 6.5x9 like Patrick's one day. But I don't think the smaller version has the same advantages over it's competitors as it needs a bulky roll-film back compared to other roll fim 6x9 cameras of the same era.