All good post, so the view is digi, this is all that is needed to be in on the in crowd. So all of us do not belong, film bias or old people. Never mind them they are not in the real world.
There is a chap where i work who is a X printer for the local news paper, well be fore they closed, and if often comments on the world of digi, and ask how the dark room is going. With the next statement, you can't beat a good B/W print done in the old way's. I do agree, what else could i say. I do take a print in work for him to look at. Makes him smile.
I have noticed on the local photography club site, that there is a lot of P/S work done to the on show print's. Is this to say we look forward to your digi's. Or come along and we will convert you.
By the post so far, it is as above, we will digi you.