I've always resisted any offers from friends to join camera clubs as I've never liked the idea of competitions, battles etc.

However, I've recently joined a new independent photography group in my area. It's based on the ideals of IPSE (www.ipse.org.uk) and LIP. We don't have battles or competitions. It's a very supportive group, it gives us the chance to see and discuss each others work. Most people are digital, but it's not important to the group -- it's the image or the portfolio of images that count.

What do other people think of the independent photography group movement?


P.S. We're based in Shropshire around Shrewsbury, so if anyone is based in Shropshire, Powis etc. and is interested then give me a pm. We've got an exhibition next month in Shrewsbury. There's a very basic website at http://sites.google.com/site/marches...ntphotography/