One of the way's I find helpful for street photography is to use my old Flexaret TLR. I can usualy set up and focus, take my time, look uninterested in what others are doing and use a cable release to fire the shutter. The other way is to just ask if the other party would mind it I fired off a few shots. Usualy the answere is no, go ahead. I've missed some fantastic oportunities to shoot some really unusual and colorful subjects because I hesitated in asking and only had a large medium format outfit with me and it was to cumbersome to set up. The old TLR is far more portable and the only attention it seems to draw is curiosity from those around me, which is a real plus as it opens even more doors. I'd rather suffer the short term embarresment of being rebuked than the days and weeks of regrets for a really great missed oportunity. Good luck.