Hi Tom

Well....... I have always been perplexed by this perceived need to arrange pictures into a panel. That to increase chances of 'success' it is advisable apparently to have consultations with people 'in the know'. It probably doesn't surprise you that I haven't ever been tempted to expend effort in this manner.

That said, it does seem to motivate some people. The letters after their name acting as a carrot, and no, I do not regard them as Asses! Somehow it seems to drive them on and the cohesive appeal of a panel grabs them. Also the RPS is held by them to be a prestigious organisation.

I went to the RPS print show in Bath a couple of years ago. Some wonderful pictures, and lots of Whistlers. Describing my speed of motion past them rather than any semblance to the wonderful painter.

Anyway let's not hijack the thread. So after a short pause for deviation, hesitation etc its back to Camera Clubs