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It was hearing a comment similar to this at which the penny dropped for me. Deciding there and then that I have no aspirations to make 'competitive images'. Those that hit the attention like a punch to the solar plexus and after a second or two, similarly leave a vacuum of emotion.

I also found the members incredibly cliquey and so decided to channel my efforts as I liked, shooting scenes which interest me, rather than follow the mindset that has people trying to second guess what some imaginary and arbitrary judge might think and those rules by which (invariably) he, would conjure up a mark.

QUOTE]Subsequently I have found this topic to be the most emotive topic when on Light and Land tours. Few seem to get much enjoyment from the 'Club/Society'.
RPS distinctions are another thorny topic liable to get people going! Durdle Door is apparently a great 'Top Left' shot for a panel....[/QUOTE]