I've also made a graph by using a cheapo color enlarging meter (I bought a Minolta PM2L) and simply measured the filters I have from Ilford and then adjusted the dials on the enlarger to give the same readings. Easy to do, no test prints required, no real math involved, and those color meters are cheap these days.
Do you mean Beseler PM2L? I have a Beseler model. I'm a bit thick today but do I understand it right, you are using an Ilford filter set and using each of the filters to find the equivalent filters on the color head?

Do you put an Ilford filter under the lens with the color head set to white light and read. . . Geeze I'm brain dead here. . .

Maybe you can explain it better than I can ask it? I have a color head and I want to use VC paper, I have a color analyzer but no Ilford filter set, yet, I do have a Stouffer calibrated scale. It would be great to make new dial read outs too. I take it that the calibration needs to be done for each brand of VC paper, maybe stick on's or just write it down?