Well hmmmm

Two of my students were encouraged to buy a set of 2 mamiya RZ67 pro2 with 4 RZ lenses and heaps of equipment to follow... well by me

RZ 50
RZ 90
RZ 110
RZ 180

5x120 magazines
Polaroid back
and other stuff less expensive

Pricetag was 7500 danish "kroner" - or 1000 euro

They just went

last year i bought a Sinar Norma 4x5 with 9 lenses and a ton of other equipment for 1000 kroner = 130 Euro
last year i too bought a fully loaded Hasselblad set with 500cm + 40mm, 50mm, 80mm,150mm, 20 original hasselblad filters, compendium, 3x120 magazines and 2 extension tubes - and along followed a Nikon 90x, ringflash, 2 fixed focal lenses, Pelicase - and a ton of lightning stuff - 3x 1000 watt teathrical lightning with barndors.....and then some....for 6000 kroner - 850 Euro
Last year i bought a brandnew Rollei 6008 integral with 50mm and 80mm and stuff for 6000 kroner - 850 Euro

This is crazy - but i love these bargains